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    My 7 yr old female has had a ‘bald’ spot on her elbow for about 10 months. She also has some thinning of her fur on her hind legs that seems to appear seasonally. Our vet did a ‘scraping’ and she tested negative for mange, ringworm, etc on the bald spot. She was treated with an antibiotic and a topical cream with no improvement. On today’s return visit the bald patch is now about 2 inches long and the skin is no longer pink-ish but almost dark red. She does not lick or scratch it – I’m not even sure she could get to it. The vet believes she may have a flea allergy (our cats are all indoors and show no signs of fleas though) and wants me to give her a new flea product called CAPSTAR – every other day for a month. He feels this is the best way to determine if the skin problem is a flea allergy. I advised him that I am reluctant to give her an insecticide every other day for a month if we don’t even know that fleas are her problem. Do you know anything about CAPSTAR? Do you have any other ideas about what may be causing her bald patch and treatment options?

    As always,
    Thank-you for your advice.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Teri]Do you have any other ideas about what may be causing her bald patch and treatment options?[/quote]

    What is you cat eating? What is the vaccination history and any association between vaccination and onset of this balding patch? Are you working with a holistic (preferably homeopathic) vet in addition to the vet which you mentioned?

    Dr. Jeff


    She eats a variety of Innova and Wellness canned foods. She had all of her initial vaccinations after I adopted her in 2000 and none since. She was an abandoned outdoor cat when she came to live with us, but we gradually made her 100% indoors within a year and hasn’t been outside since then. There is nothing that I can attribute the bald patch to since it is on the underside of her elbow. It is about the length and width of a AA battery and continuing to grow. I have not yet taken her to the holistic vet – the nearest is 1 hr away and the ride is stressful.
    Thanks again for your concern

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Teri]She had all of her initial vaccinations after I adopted her in 2000[/quote]

    Even though it is years since vaccination, this may very well be a manifestation of vaccinosis (read the article on this topic in my natural pet care library).

    You can try adding essential fatty acids (like EFA-Z+) which may help on a physiologic level.

    My best advice though is to consult an experienced homeopathic vet who can treat the imbalance at an energetic level. Since riding in the car is stressful, you should also consider a phone consultation. A veterinary homeopath can work very effectively long-distance in conjunction with your local vet (who will do any examination and diagnostic testing).

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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