Cat sore won’t heal, general lethargy & depression

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    My cat developed a sore (might have been a cut, but vet doesn’t know). Took him to the vet as it wasn’t healing. He didn’t have a fever and she took blood & urine for panel. Put him on Clavomax. The panel results showed slightly low WBC, mildly elevated thyroid levels, however, neg. for FIV, leukemia, diabetes, etc. My kitty is approximately 12 years old (got him at the pound 7 years ago). He is “grossly obese” and vet made a diet plan for him. But it’s been 5 days still on Clavomax, he’s now stopped eating almost altogether, is lethargic, acts depressed, the sore is not healing like I would have expected on an antibiotic, he doesn’t purr as readily and when he tries, there’s kind of a moaning, rattling sound that sounds like it’s coming from his throat or chest, but vet says he’s not asthmatic. I am worried absolutely sick – I honestly can’t imagine what I’d do without this guy. I don’t have all that much faith in the vet right now but have spent a fortune already. PLEASE help if you can……this is so heartbreaking.

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