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    my 13 year old cat uses the bathroom rugs (if down), the bathtub, and/or the litter box. This behavior appeared about a year ago and would only happen if I had to go out of town. It is now happening even if I am in town. I have tried different kinds of litter, a new litter box, picked up the rugs….and none of this is working…the bathtub is a recently discovered location. Please give me some ideas.


    Make sure your cat does not have a urinary tract infection. Make a vet appt. and bring in a urine sample. If there is no infection and nothing medically wrong, try confining your cat for a couple of days only, to a small space, like the bathroom or a small room, hopefully, he/she will “re-learn” to use the litterbox again. Try cleaning the box more than usual. Use a small amount of litter and change it every day or every other day. Try pine litter, it’s supposed to be the most “sanitary” (i use it and I’m pleasedwith it) Use multiple litterboxes in all the locations where your cat goes. I would put a litterbox in the bathtub. It sounds like your cat is aggravated with something, are there any new people coming around or staying with you? What is different in your cat’s surroundings? Just don’t give up.


    thanks for your suggestions..I’ll try anything…yesterday she used the litter box for her fecal matter and the bathroom rug for her urine…she sometimes alternates and will urinate in the box and the fecal will be on the rug…that is the way it all started ..fecal on the rug…and it all started with me leaving her on the weekend…now it just appears to be an everyday thing….

    Tony Scott

    I have been having a similar problem with my 1 year old ragdoll. He recently started defecating in my bathroom–only in my bathroom and only when I am at home. He has been checked by the vet and appears to have no physical problems. I have added an additional litterbox (I have 2 other cats as well), changed litter – the litter made up of newspaper seems to do very well at controlling the odor, and sprinkling a clumping litter called “Cat Attract” on top. This litter has herbs in it and is guaranteed to help retrain cats to use the litter box. My ragdoll seems to be doing much better at using the box overall. I have noticed the last time or two he has done it, I have been around other cats or have been in a bad mood. But he is now pooping in my bathroom much less frequently (and nowhere else in the house). I am now beginning to be convinced that he can sense my moods and is reacting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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