Cardiomyopathy/Saddle Thromboses in Cats and loss of precious Cat

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    It is too late to help now as I had to put Sydney to sleep 3 weeks ago but I can’t stop feeling like I should have tried something/anything else to save his life even though 2 Vets told me that there is/was nothing that could be done to save his life in this day and age. (according to those Vets there isn’t any scientific data showing that using xyz drugs will prolong or obliterate a clot in their heart like we have for humans)

    Sydney had Cardiomyopathy (the kind that forms a clot in the heart)
    He threw a clot that affected one leg 7 weeks before the fatal one and he recovered WITH the use of his leg fairly quickly….Sydney (my cat) was somewhere around 16 maybe 17 years old….I never knew his actual age since as a stray he wandered into my life about 14/15 years ago…..before we moved 200 miles from his home this past year he had a full check up and was healthy….then 5 months later at his new Vet he had the early stages of Kidney Disease AND I was told he had an irregular heartbeat…..how did the heartbeat deal happen only 5 months later from being healthy? So he was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat in August…end of Dec. he threw the first clot and then February 19th he threw the second clot which affected both legs and Feb. 20th we had to let him go as he had fluid in his lungs and his legs were cold and useless….BUT his mind and everything else about him were normal and good….so when we drove him to the Vet for the last time he lunged at the car window crying as if to tell me to help him not let him go…..this haunts me because I would have DONE anything had there been an alternative that the Vet gave me to save his life….but the Vet said he might get 2 more weeks and even then he could form gangrene in his legs and so forth…..I just keep thinking that I reacted too quickly and need to know was there anything that could have been done? I just found this site now…too late of course….if anyone has any insight/help to keep me from feeling like I murdered my baby I would be grateful. Thank you.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I’m so sorry for your loss of Sydney. I hope that this article can help: http://bit.ly/vZrQMz

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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