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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    This is one of those nameless files which is on my hard drive and which is worthwhile sharing. I am not the author of this diet and take no credit (or blame) for any effects from using it:

    Dr. Jeff

    1 bag Goya dried chick peas soaked overnight, then rinsed.
    1 head of garlic
    1 cup olive oil
    2 lbs either fresh or frozen broccoli or green beans
    3 cans “Jack” mackerel (Jack is a brand name, the price is good)

    ~~Boil chick peas for a minimum of 20 mins
    **While this is going on you can peel and chop garlic as well as start microwaving veggies.
    ~~Once chick peas are boiled, drain and smash.
    **If you have a Braun Hand Mixer you may use this for smashing and can add whole garlic cloves and olive oil at same time.
    ~~When chick peas, garlic and oil are all smashed together cook on med heat, stirring constantly for about 5 mins.
    ~~Add cooked veggies and stir thoroughly.
    ~~Add canned fish, bones and all, just pour it in (yes it’s gross looking but they really like it!!) and stir thoroughly.

    That’s it….all done, you can bag into individual meals and freeze or use qt containers. Makes about 3.5 qts. I add freshly ground flax seed each meal.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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