Can I help my sick cat with FIV?

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    Question: Apache has FIV. He recently had a seizure and is blind. I am making him comfortable. Is there anything else I can do for him? How long will he linger like this? Could his blindness reverse? Are there any medications he can be given? Are there articles I can read o help us out?
    I have two young children that are very attached to Apache and they would be very upset when he leaves us in this world; how is this usually dealt with? I have a vet but they have written him off and are best in emergency situations. Please anything else I should know please tell me. Thank you.

    Sex: Male Neutered

    username: [email protected]

    Pet: Feline

    Breed: mixed

    Age: 10years

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I am so sorry to hear about Apache. It is truly a tragedy when one of our beloved companions becomes terminally ill. How long has he had FIV? How is his quality of life? Blindness and a single seizure does not mean that he is necessarily experiencing any discomfort. Unfortunately, once the disease reaches the brain, it is usually only a matter of weeks before he succumbs. If however his neurologic signs are secondary to the immune response by the body to the disease, then he may very well have a much longer time with you.

    In terms of treatment, I would first and foremost get him off commercial cat food and onto a homemade diet, e.g. blenderized wet rice (this is rice cooked for 2 hours with twice the amount of water as usual until it becomes “mushy”) and turkey, chicken etc. I would also start him on a course of supplements/immune enhancers such as Interferon (which your vet can make up), dimethylglycine, and Pau D’Arco. These are all liquids so they can be administered relatively easily without having to pill him.

    Please read my handouts on feline viruses and coping with the loss of a pet, as these should help as well.

    It is critical to manage any problems that arise immediately so feel free to contact me through the web site anytime.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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