Can homeopathy help/cure CH (cerebellum hyperplasia?)kitties?

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    I got an email for adoption of CH kitties. I went on the related website to check it out, which said there is nothing that can be done for these cats, some who can walk with a wobble and some who can’t even stand up on their own. I was wondering if there were any homeoopathic remedies that could deal with this neurological disorder to allow these kitties to walk normally. If so, I would like to share that info on that website.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks so much for your question Beth as well as your excellent work in helping to find “forever homes”.

    As with any other question about the curability of diseases using homeopathic remedies to stimulate the Vital Force, the answer is that it depends. If the structural change is not beyond the bodies ability to repair, then yes, homeopathy can help.

    The cerebellum (which is the part of the brain that deteriorates in CH) is exquisitely sensitive to external influences (in this case both natural and vaccine-associated feline distemper). It is now well known that the brain is indeed able to “rewire” and heal itself.

    I’d therefore think that some, but certainly not all, cases of CH can be helped homeopathically. It all depends on the severity of the structural change along with the healing ability of the individual.

    As you well know, where there’s life there is hope.

    Have a great evening, and thanks again.


    This might open a can of worms… My dog breed is subject to a condition called cerebellar ataxia. In the last ten years or so, much data has been collected, and a test for a responsible gene devised. I was close to one of the first dogs studied to develop this research, and used homeopathy to attempt to relieve his symptoms. It seems, however, that this quickly becomes a physical issue unreachable by energetic means.

    The question is about the relationship of miasmatic influences to genetic disorders. I have always felt that chronic disease, of course, can be inherited, but that expression of it in a given individual depends on that subject’s particular strengths and weaknesses, and upon the combination of chronic factors inherited as well as the proximal insults which generate their own damage.

    At some point, physical changes due to unaddressed chronic disease become genetically transmittable, and, as part of physiology they are relatively inaccessible by homeopathic treatment. If such changes create symptoms, though, the symptoms may still be accessible, such as inflammation from structural issues, or chronically poor organic or glandular function.

    I think it’s always worth a try, however, to treat for the “impossible”, like dealing with mental symptoms, or growing new hip sockets, or regenerating the myelin sheath of the nerves. The body STILL works in mysterious ways, and we need to keep that belief in the backs of our minds.

    Your comments?


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Happy Sunday morning Ginny and Beth-

    Rather than delve into homeopathic medical philosophy, I’d like to keep my reply within the realm of the purely clinical (dare I say scientific) observation.

    Thousands of cases (both animal and human) over the past 200+ years
    have clearly demonstrated one incontrovertible fact. Physical issues are almost always reachable (to use Ginny’s word) by the Vital Force.

    I see clinically “impossible” healing of animal bodies every week in practice, and up close and personal in people every year when I study with a master human homeopath in Montreal. He treats and improves (and often resolves) “incurable” disease such as cancers, neurologic degenerations, psychoses, etc.

    This post is definitely not meant to give you (or anyone) false hope. Homeopathic treatment of severe pathology is very difficult on many levels and requires tremendous commitment and time (often years).

    Unfortunately in animals we sometimes can’t fully discern the true nature of the energetic imbalance which resulted in the pathology. Even in these cases however, in my experience, homeopathic palliation of symptoms can be extremely effective.

    Have a great day. It’s another beautiful (but hot) one here in CT.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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