Calcium Oxalate crystals

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    Hi, my 3yr old female rescued chi/terrier X Mimi was recently diagnosed with CaOx crystals. She has been fed Wellness chicken for the past 2 yrs. but is now slowly changing over to the Hill’s prescription u/d diet since Weds. of this week. I’m not completely comfortable with this food being that it contains BHA and BHT. The only other option as far as I know for this condtion is Royal Canin’s SO13.

    Any other options out there for my dog? I would love to find some recipes for home cooked food but haven’t had much luck with that. Also, I would be interested in learning which natural supplements might help as well. I know salmon oil is supposed to be a good one. Are there any others and in which quantities for Mimi who is 18.5 lbs. ? Thanks in advance.


    I have just gone through the same thing with my 10.5 year old lab. She has been on Nature’s Variety Beef and Barley kibble for the last two years. She seemed fine to me and is very mobile and energetic compared to other labs her age, but had numerous large bladder stones that had to surgically removed about two weeks ago. The vet said she may have been passing crystals all along with this food but after getting a ut infection her ph changed and thus the stones formed. I have a copy of the lab work (analysis of the stones) but unfortunately I do not have it with me right now. I read the ingredients of Hill’s c/d dog food and compared it to what she is eating now ([url]http://www.naturesvariety.com/content.lasso?page=1324&-session=naturesvariety:48F0299D0a02f18A4AtRX28A5D0B[/url]) and it doesn’t make sense as to how the Hill’s could possibly be any better for her! I do remember the lab work saying that addition of NaCl or KCl could help keep the ph in the right range. Could something as simple as adding salt to the food she is used to help avoid future stones without changing food? I also note on the nature’s variety web site that I should have really been rotating her food, maybe that would help as well? So basically does anyone know what Hill’s c/d food is supposed to do to avoid stones and what are the alternatives to it?


    BTW, I hope I didn’t break any rules by posting the link!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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