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    I have brother and sister puppies, half shitzu, half pomeranian.
    They are 8 weeks old.
    I am looking for ways to train them.
    They have slept in my bed for the 2 nights they’ve been here, and peed at the end of my bed.
    I’ve put them in the bathroom with paper, food and water during the day.
    I got them leashes, but they are not the easiest puppies to walk, considering there are 2 puppies together, underfoot and playful.
    I am seriously thinking about the crate training. BUT, the first day we had them, at night, when we went to bed, I tried to leave them boarded up in the kitchen, but they cried (very loudly!) until I went and brought them to bed.
    all I can say is HELP!!!

    my shitzu-poodle passed away last weekend of Kidney disease, and I had her for her whole 12 years, so puppy training is foreign to me!
    Even she wasn’t completely trained, so I know I did something wrong with her, had a newspaper for 12 years in my house.
    This is why I am leaning towards crate training. Also, I am thinking with crates, then Brother and Sister (like the Berenstein Bears) will have their own “house” right?
    Plus, I have a 3 year old, so it may be an escape for them from him sometimes. (But he is really good with them.)

    any advice appreciated….
    Joanne in Canada

    Tony Scott

    I have a crate for them, each in their own side,
    and it is going beautifully.
    The crate comes in our room at night, and they wake me up usually around 4am to pee.
    They stay in their crate during the day, I come home at lunch to walk them.
    I have heard that pomeranians are hard to train, that they pee anywhere/everywhere.
    Is this true? Is there a way I can prevent this? I have made a dog run outside my back door for them for the “at the moment” pee if I can’t walk them.
    I noticed no one has replied to my previous post about training them, so I spoke to someone at the pet store.

    Tony Scott

    Sorry, I didn’t realize that my name didn’t appear.
    The last post was an update.


    I would suggest you look into training classes or if you can’t afford those, training books. The main thing is that puppies, like children, need routine. You’ll need some patience but you need to get your puppies used to a routine, for example, going pee at 8 pm every night before bed. Take them out at 8pm every night. Stay out there with them until they potty and most importantly, praise them IMMEDIATELY as soon as the pee. Don’t continually tell them to pee, in other words don’t say “go pee, go potty, go pee pee for mommy”. They won’t understand and they’ll think it’s a game. Just stand and wait but praise immediately when they do pee and tell them at that time “good pee” or” good potty”. Pick a word and stick to it so they associate the word with the act. Do this first thing in the morning too so they get used to a routine. DO NOT play with them when it’s pee time. They need to learn they’re not out there to play but to do their business. Be patient, it may take a week or two.

    By the way, poms are not difficult to train. My Maggie is half pom half tibetan spainel. Poms are very smart and trainable if you know how. Maggie came to us (my husband and me) completely untrained. Her past owners had neglected her. We have taught her to sit, stay and stop and sit at the curb when we go for walkies in three weeks.

    Good luck and remember, they’re just babies. Be patient.

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