Bowel movement while sleeping

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    i have a 14-15 year old chow chow still very active runs around with my 3 year old lab and is heathy. about a month ago he would be sleeping and when he would wake up and move there would be a few turds left behind i started to let him out a few times anight but now it seems to be getting worse now it is a little soft and when it happens if he moves to get up he has afew dropings while walking some people say its him getting older is this true or is something possably wrong with him i am on a very low income do to being laid off so if i can help him at home i would like to before i have to spend money with a vet that i dont have to spare but if i have to i will but that be my last resort. by the way how long do chow chows live they say he is living longer and is more active than most chow chows. please email me back at [email][email protected][/email] please. thank you for youe help

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=06superduty]he would wake up and move there would be a few turds left behind [/quote]

    Since he is well overall, this sounds like a mild neurological issue to me. Decreased sensation in the colon and perineum.

    Try adding 1/4 tsp. Metamucil to each meal. If problems persist then a vet exam is definitely in order.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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