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biting and licking paws

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    Hi, My dog, Fella has been licking and biting at his paws ever since I got him (about 4 months ago). Recently I have noticed that his right front paw is starting to get pink around the thumb. Also, lately he has been licking under his tail a lot and scooting across the floor. I thought this might be an indicator of tapeworm – but he really has no way to contract that and I checked his stools. He eats holistic food (lamb meal and rice) and he’s been on it all his life. All treats are holistic and I am very careful about giving him new things. I don’t think he has an allergy since dogs are commonly allergic to grains and the only grain he eats is rice – and he’s always eaten that. Any ideas?



    Fella certainly could be suffering from an allergy, but of what should be your question.

    Have you gotten new carpets or rugs in the house? Could he have visited a home where there are new carpets? Have you swtiched floor cleaners? Did you sprinkle one of the rug deoderizers on the carpet? Perhaps one of you neighbors had their lawn treated for fleas and ticks or fertilized their lawn? All these things could attribute to Fella’s gnawing at his paws.

    A full homeopathic workup should be done by your veterinary homeopath. We also have a great new product on our website, [b]Protect and Soothe[/b]. It’s a wonderful product that not only soothes itches, burns and stings, but helps protect from the flying nasties we all have to deal with during the Summer months and it smells better than most perfumes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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