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    My Bichon has terribly itchy skin EVERY year at the end of summer/early fall. It’s something to do with the grass changing seasons/going dormant for the winter. He’s been on a ten-day run of prednisone and antibiotiics. He was given Atarax after that. Now the meds are done and he’s back to itching so bad, he’s starting to develop the bald spots. Is there something topical I can do to relieve his discomfort & relieve his itching? This is a seasonal allergy and I know it’s coming to an end, but if I don’t keep away the itchiness, it will develop into more bald spots and open sores. Any suggestions?

    Much thanks.


    If Vets could cure seasonal allergies it would probably put them out of business.

    How old is your dog? How many years has this allergy cycle been happening.

    What are you feeding your dog? Brand and formula.

    I highly recommend CANIDAE dog food as it has excellent ingredients for superior skin and coat.

    I think it is most important to add the necessary nutrients to improve immune system of any allergic dog.

    I have known several cases of grass, weed contact allergy that in spring and the new weeds grow green this dog would get itchy feet. Chewed them almost raw & bloody. Nothing the conventional vet could cure.

    Norwegian Kelp Vegetarian Blend was added to the diet for the rest of the year and the following Spring NO Allergy problem with the feet. Everything wes great for many years and then the owner stopped using the Norwegian Kelp for another supplement and the next spring BANG the dog feet started itching. Back on the Norwegian Kelp supplement and the itching stopped.

    I suspect your dogs diet is missing nutrients needed for a stronger immune system. Check out Kelp Products of Florida at:




    My Bichon will be 6 this Nov. This has been an issue for him since the first autumn of his life. ONLY this time of year, NOT in the spring. Yes, he chews on himself something awful, his paws, taill, feet, and back (where he can reach). Everywhere else, he scratches with his paws. He has been fed Nutro Science Rice & Lamb Meal all of his life. If we’re visiting someone’s home and he gets into their dog’s food dish, he gets diareah. This food has always been good for his coat and skin all the other seasons of the year. I might look into some other food or at the very least a supplement, but for the immediate I was hoping for something topical to give him some immediate relief. I have a quality Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, I guess I’ll try that. I have an aromatherapist I will try to contact to see if she has any suggestion to help his skin. Thanks for your input.



    I tried to log onto the Kelp products site, but it could not be found.


    Sorry Michelle I typed the wrong site.

    The correct site is…. [url]http://www.kelpproductsofflorida.com/[/url]

    One of my friends had a dog like yours only get really bad allergy reactions during fall usually October. This dog also had chronic ear (yeast) infections. The dog was fed Nutro Natural Choice Lamb/Rice food for years.

    For the last 3 years her dog has been so much better on CANIDAE dog food and a high quality food supplement.

    Here are some other products to check out.

    Vibrant Pets Ultimate Supplement

    NUPRO All Natural dog supplement


    The Missing Link

    IN Diet supplement

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Michelle]Now the meds are done and he’s back to itching so bad, he’s starting to develop the bald spots. Is there something topical I can do to relieve his discomfort & relieve his itching? [/quote]

    Hi Michelle-

    I know that you probably realize this already, but your dog is suffering from an *internal* immune imbalance. This imbalance is manifesting currently as seasonal allergies. What really needs to be done is not immediate topical relief but internal treatment to raise his allergic threshold and thereby reduce/eliminate the itching symptoms.

    That being said, there are lots of tricks to help his skin. Certainly the better commercial foods and supplements that Mike recommended are a good start. Most of my allergic patioents eat fresh home-prepared food as this is the only way to really get wholesome ingredients and avoid preservatives and other allergenic components of dry and canned foods.

    You need to avoid all food with gluten (wheat, barley, rye and bran). Make up my blueberry-kale cocktail (1 part fresh/frozen blueberries and 1 part steamed kale blenderized with a little chicken broth). This high potency antioxidant blend will help tremendously (1/4 cup/meal).

    Bathing can often help. First step is to see how your dog reacts to bathing with just water (no shampoo) as some dogs will get worse just from the water and therefore aren’t candidates for shampoo therapy.

    Relief creme rinse is a very nice topical antihistamine and oatmeal blend that you can spray on every day. Speaking of every day, you should be keeping his coat nice and short and brushing him well every day.

    Use Rescue Remedy orally whenever he gets very itchy. Just 2 or 3 drops in his mouth as often as necessary will help take the edge off. You can also add 6 drops to 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle and spritz him with it when he gets itchy.

    Getting back to the internal treatment which is of utmost importance. As a vet who treats these problems every day (and who had similar allergy problems himself for most of his life) I can tell you that topical, and even nutritional, therapy is only going to take the edge off. You need to consult a Certified Veterinary Homeopath for internal treatment.

    Homeopathy will help balance his immune system and thereby raise his allergy threshold. The end result will be less reactivity to allergic triggers and less skin symptoms.

    I could continue on and on (just ask any of my clients after one of our marathon two hour appointments )), but I think this post and other tips on my site (search for allergy) will get you started.

    Good luck and feel free to post any other questions.

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