back legs not working again…

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    I have not posted at this site before, but I am seeking some advice. I have a 6 yr old cocker spanial mix breed (not sure what other breed he is). Well in Aug of 2005 he had started limping on his back legs, and within a few days he had no control over his legs, they drug behind him. We had taken him to the near by vet and they had told us it was a back problem and that he had needed sugrey and if he didn’t get the sugrey he would never walk again. So they gave him a few corestorine shots and some medication. It seemed to not been working at all. But we didn’t want to put him down, we had faith that he would walk. Well he was running a fever also. The thing is, he never yeped when we touched him or anything. Anyways in october of 2005.. he started walking again. Ever since then he has had more engery then what he has ever had and has been rather healthy.
    Well yesterday is when it all started again… he was walking all funny and by this morning he has no control of his back legs. Running a fever again. I’m starting to wonder if it could possibably be like some kind of infection that is causing him to go down on us. He is not over weight. I had given him some baby asprin to bring down the fever. Does anyone have any suggestions about this?


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=cynthiab22] Does anyone have any suggestions about this?[/quote]

    I would advise consulting a surgical or neurologic disease specialist.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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