ASAP: LI, NY: MOVING!! 6yo kitty is Losing Home

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    ASAP: LI, NY: MOVING!! HELP! Mimosa 6yo kitty is Losing His Home To A Move out of The Country!!!!!‏

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    7/6/16….Please keep sharing this Beautiful Angel…..after 6 years he is just being left behind as his horrid human leaves for out of the country and hes just disposed of like old furniture….he will be devastated when he loses his dad and his home….please share for this wonderful INNOCENT SOUL thats has no voice or any choices…..

    Dad is leaving for out of the country soon and leaving him behind…..Please Continue to share this beautiful boy…he’s being left behind as Dad takes his buddy 🙁

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    Another sad situation where a sweet family member will be homeless and alone as the owner is Moving!!!!! Mimosa’s Dad is leaving for Serbia within the next few months and will NOT be taking this angel…..He was living with his dad in a pet friendly apartment where he would go out and sit in the yard and come in at night….He is approx 6 years old, fixed and seems to be cat friendly with his neighborhood buddys….He needs a safe haven asap foster/adopter….hes located in Greak Neck Long Island……he was rescued when he was young and now he needs rescue again….if anyone can help this beautiful boy contacts are attached…..

    [email protected]……[email protected]

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