Anxiety and Fear

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    Hi–I was recommended to you by a patient who’s pup had severe separation anxiety and she said you “mixed up a solution” and had her administer and watch. She said the changes were gradual but amazing.

    I have an 8lb; 4 year old Maltipoo, Eli, who has been treated by our regular vet for anxiety and fears since he came home. I began noticing his behavior young, but attributed it to being away from his siblings, but it continued and worsened over time. His behavior had the vet putting him on Prozac–lasted 2 doses as his little heart was going crazy and i refused to put him back on it–wanted to try Doggie xanax and I wouldn’t even fill the scrip. I had a trainer come to the house, but all she had us to was literally cover him and the house in lavender. :angry: for $350.

    We’ve tried Canine Calm and Happy Traveler to help him with minimal success. The lavender helps but only if its on him, his “house”, his bed and being diffused around him and only for a short time. He hated the thunder shirt and would have had to wear it all the time for the purpose we needed it for.

    When someone comes in the house, he basically screeches and gets to where it seems he just cannot control his excitement, but I’m afraid its hurting his body because he can’t seem to calm down. He jumps, scratches and sounds like a little monkey; and we may have not left the house, just the room. When he sees people, whether in person or in a car, he starts to whine like he can’t control it.

    The trainer said he needed self esteem because he constantly shows his belly; he always wants to please. She suggested clapping when his behavior begins but it also seems to frighten him into submission and I hate to make him feel even “worse about himself”. I just want to do what’s best for him to live happy and anxiety free.

    Its hard to bring him places because he just can’t seem to control himself (he no longer pees on anyone though) I’m not too worried about what other people think any longer, but I want to be able to bring him places and know he won’t hurt his little body!

    I would appreciate any and all suggestions. I cannot find a holistic vet near my area and your patient suggested I reach out to you.
    Thank you for your time

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