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another update after a homeopathic remedy

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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Overall, Asticou is better mentally and physically.

    Date of last remedy dose and reason for repeating: Pulsatilla 0/1 2/2/sd – 11/21/07 – Repeated as some symptoms returned that had been better. (Previous remedy doses since last consult: 11/1, 11/6, 11/13)

    Initial changes immediately after giving dose: no noticeable change; Asticou took dose then went to lie down quietly.

    – Night Panting: gets better after dose but is the first symptom to return
    – Drinking Water: decreased but when she does drink, it’s a large amount
    – Chewing on her legs: greatly decreased, no sores on her legs now
    – Chewing on her back: improved at night; not as much chewing/scratching during the day
    – Sore leg: only one incident of holding it up after rising quickly from sleeping approx. 2 weeks ago; walked around a bit and no indication of any problem the next day or since
    – Eating habits: GREATLY improved! She is eating anything now without any help from tripe being added; has not turned down anything in at least 2 weeks
    – Sound sensivity: better by about 25%
    – Nervousness: not as nervous in class or at trials; will quietly lay down in the crate during class; was quiet at the agility trial 2 weeks ago while waiting for her runs; not pulling to leave class; appears to want to sit with us during class but when out of the crate, still shows nervousness (indecision)
    – Anxiety: more friendly with people; wants to say hi to people
    – Fear of slippery floors: better with concrete at agility trial, maybe because she was less nervous?

    – Breath: terribly offensive!
    – Plaque/tartar/buildup on teeth: worse since starting treatment; our holistic vet worried about teeth and gum recession

    – Snorting when excited: has not changed at all; still does it when she barks excitedly or gets very excited
    – UTI: no sign of any UTI since taking off cranberry capsules and starting treatment
    – Fear of slippery floors: no difference with wood or linoleum floors, still runs up the stairs in one motion

    Personality/Behavior in General:
    Asticou is more loving and acting goofier but in a good way. She appears to be more comfortable and relaxed and not as worried about things. She has been able to stay with one of us without wondering where the other is in the house. She is still more restless at night than any other time of the day.

    Asticou did not need her doses every 5 days in most cases. She was able to go longer than that in almost every case. I have not given her a dose since 11/21 and she is still doing well. I did not have to increase the succussions/drops, either, during this time.

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