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    I have a 13 year old cat that went from 7 lbs in April to 4lbs 2oz by mid July. She went for her innoculations and flea shot in April and has lost all this weight since then. Did these shots overwhelm her system? She had bloodwork and tests done at this time so that she could get her teeth cleaned, and everything came up normal. She ultimately didn’t need her teeth cleaned. The vet said she was dehydrated at 7lbs and of course is much more so now. She is not in any pain, other than being weak and wobbly. She shows minimal interest in water and food, though I have been giving her a product called FrequenSea in the last week which is a plankton based liquid that is purported to be very healthy and supposedly healing. There are many testimonials on the [url]www.whyplankton.com[/url] and [url]www.myforevergreen.org[/url] websites, but it seems too good to be true. What is your opinion of this product? I don’t want to have false hope this will cure my cat, and I am debating euthanasia, but she has a shiny well groomed coat and shiny eyes and doesn’t otherwise seem unhealthy. I did not get chest xrays, so I suspect it may be heart related, especially since she did a lot of dry coughing – roughly 2 months – but she does not dry cough now. The vet said her heart sounded muffled, but that could be because of her thick dehydrated blood. I am going to go to the pet store tonight to get the smelliest wet cat food I can find to entice her to eat, and she likes to drink the water in the bathtub after a shower. Do you have any suggestions I havn’t discussed here?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Diane]Do you have any suggestions I havn’t discussed here?[/quote]

    Have you had her blood and/or urine rechecked since she became ill? The April blood work will be a great baseline against which to compare her kidney, thyroid, liver, etc., values.

    The best therapeutic option for her at this time is to start getting treated homeopathically. Contact an experienced homeopathic vet who will treat the underlying internal imbalance which is causing the symptoms. Go to [url]http://www.theavh.org/referral/index.php[/url] for a referral.

    Please let us know what happens.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thank you for your timely reply. My girl was too far gone I’m afraid, and sadly I had to put her down. I wish I had found your site sooner. She was not holding steady and wasn’t eating or drinking for 2 days and getting worse, and the limited number of holistic vets in Victoria are few. I only found 2 and both were unavailable until a later date. I have a second cat that is the son of Marbles and I will seek holistic care for him, possibly getting him tested for whatever it was that inflicted his mother. Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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