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    Kino is a 4 year old Siberian Husky. He came from a shelter in Canada at a year old where he had spent almost 2 months there. He was vaccinated and fixed. He had many allergy problems for the first year and a half we had him. He chewed his feet/legs badly, was very skinny, had thin hair on his belly and flanks, was very itchy, threw up almost daily and had unpredictable stools. We would have to bribe him to eat by mixing things in his food. He was on 6 different kinds of dog food, the final one being a prescription one from the vet for allergy dogs. He improved on that food but still was not healthy by any means. We had so many tests done on him and everything came back normal except for his allergy tests. I switched him to raw and almost all the symptoms disappeared within a few weeks. He was very touchy switching though and I had to start over and go back to chicken only several times before we finally got it right. He now eats anything and everything (raw diet wise) without issue. He has had a few small episodes during the summer months where he got itchy and vomited daily again but they went away on their own. He acted completely normal otherwise and the vet said he looks and acts like the picture perfect version of health otherwise. The vet thought it was something environmental he was reacting to. The thing that is hard when he vomits is that he does not stop vomiting. If I do not stop him from vomiting by giving him slippery elm bark powder, he begins to vomit specks of blood which progressively get worse. The vet thinks he vomits so forcefully he breaks blood vessels. It makes me extremely nervous and I’ve spent many nights up with him watching him closely.

    Kino is a very happy go lucky and laid back dog. Nothing bothers him and he is very outgoing. He loves rides and walks and just going everywhere with us. He doesn’t have many dislikes besides being left alone. He wants to go everywhere with me, but is fine to stay at home with the other two dogs now. He had extreme separation anxiety when we first got him. He was much better when we got Braylee and he had company when we were gone.

    Kino is raw fed, has not been vaccinated in over 2 years and has not been wormed or treated with any topicals.

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