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    If you have to feed your dog a processed food, do you think that foods that say they fit all life stages are good, or is it better to feed a formula tailored to a particular stage?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=jebel321]do you think that foods that say they fit all life stages are good,[/quote]

    Proper diets will meet all life stages. In my opinion, this life stage (and now breed specific) marketing is a bunch of hype.

    Sure, it’s possible to create a low cal, poor quality ingredient diet for weight loss which won’t be appropriate for growing pets. All that says to me is that it’s not a good diet for any pet, e.g. some foods use peanut hulls (a huge source of aflatoxins) to increase fiber and decrease calories.

    Always feed the highest quality diet possible. Young or active animals may need greater quantities whereas older, overweight or sedentary animals should eat less. Period, end of story.


    One of the first all life stage foods back 30 years ago was Eukanuba by the Iams Company. It had a much higher meat quanity than regular Iams chunk food. It was 30% protein 20% fat. In those days, if you talked to the people at Iams about Eukanuba they would tell you it is a food youcan feed from birth to death. The pregnent mom ate it then it was made into a gruel for the pups at 3 weeks old and later they ate it instead of puppy food. I fed it for many many years with great results. Professional breeders, professional show handlers, trainers, hunters, most all competetion dog folks feed Eukanuba. Iams just never marketed it very well to the general dog owner population. Soon came puppy food, lamb rice formulas etc and with in 5 years there were 10 different formulas of Eukanuba. That alone drove the pet stores crazy trying to find floor space for all those formulas in all the sizes too.

    Today I am a huge fan of CANIDAE, for its excellent ingredients. It to can be fed from birth to death as they once said about Eukanuba. Canidae is much more suited for the large breed pups as it is 24% protein 14.5 % fat. Puppies just eat more of it during their growth period.
    Canidae – [url]http://www.canidae.com[/url]


    A proper (well balanced) diet is by definition an All Life Stages diet.
    The truly premium kibble based products are as well as any well thought out raw based diet.

    Any diet, in my opinion, needs additional variety/variations, so any kibble needs such. But a ruly premium one is good for all stages and in fact all breeds.

    I am of the opinion that most manufacturing of dog food is based on human assumptions and marketintg techniques.

    Food is made to look good to the human, with colors, shapes, packaging, none of this matters to the animal. To them is simply must be palitable (sp?), (highly is better). For a dog this is MOSTLY decided upon based on the nose/smell, not the taste per se.

    If a company has many varieties they fill up more shelf space. Again marketing. And can charge more and less for certain bags/formulas. And get a larger base of human customers by offering puppy, dog, elderly, less active, more3 active, senior formulas etc etc etc…

    My own dog, Braveheart, was raised on raw (homemade) and now for the past year eats a very high end kibble with a few raw meals added in per week. She is 6.5 years old and I can say without a doubt the healthiest dog I have ever had. In all this time she has had diarreah twice for less than 24 hours and that is it.

    She was/is also innoculated for the various diseases on what would be considered a minimal basis. All with the belssing and understanding of our own vet.

    Off topic:

    I wanted to also thank Dr. Jeff for contacting me and inviting me to this forum. There seemed no thread for introductions so I am doubling up with my first post. My name is Eric Lundquist and I am a professional dog trainer that works and lives in the same area as Dr Jeff. Southwest CT.

    I look forward to getting to know people on this list over time. I will try to look in at least weekly.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=”ELDogStar”I look forward to getting to know people on this list over time. I will try to look in at least weekl[/quote]

    Good morning Eric-

    We look forward to getting your input on the various board topics.

    Out of curiosity, why did you stop feeding Braveheart mainly raw food?

    Dr. Jeff


    Hi Dr. Jeff,
    Good morning all.

    I haven’t stopped RAW feeding entirely, but I have to a fair extent. My dog now eats a VERY high end kibble as her “core” diet. She also eats 2-4 meals a week on a modified RAW basis. Plus she gets a small amount of assorted human grade raw food mixed in with some of her kibble meals.

    As stated she was raised RAW from appx 12 weeks to about 5.5 years.

    I found one kibble I thought I really liked and I wanted to be a rep for the company. I would not recommend a product I wouldn’t use and while I try to educate people on RAW feeding when possible many are not interested but are willing and want to feed the best they can via more ‘traditional feeding methods’.

    Plus the convenience factor and cost factor etc. Even though I did MOST of my raw feeding as homemade.

    After feeding my dog this kibble for nearly a year I became active at starting to distribute it as well. It is the ONLY kibble I would feed or personally recommend. It is NOT available store/retail bought. It is ONLY availble through reps direct from the factory.

    I do suggest a couple of store bought brands (for those clients that want to buy through local retailers, especially when they feed really lousy food) that I feel are higher end, but I still believe even the best of them is not as good as what I use.

    For many people the convenience of having food delivered to their door is a big factor as well.

    I did not join this BBS to hawk my food product, I joined since the Dr. invited me, hence my sig doesn’t even contain a link regarding the food I use and rep for. I joined here to learn and share ideas. (I would assume if anyone wanted to email me privately for information that would be okay to do, there is a business involved for those so interested as well.)

    BTW I did rep for another kibble product years ago (before beng a pro trainer and during the time I was studying and apprenticing to be one) and much more recently for a raw product. The raw had problems with keeping frozen, shipping, costs etc. It just wasn’t a practicle business model for a small food dealer. The BULK of my customers are past and current training clients.

    In closing I would just like to note the food I use was and is formualted my a Veterinarian (Holistic too) of great reputation that is well versed in nutritiuon as a specialty.

    Our food is 100% human grade, no cheap (filler) ingredients. No corn, wheat, dairy etc. It does have probiotics. Is cooked at low temps for short amounts of time and is VERY fresh. I get my food within appx 4 weeks of manufacture.

    Dr Jeff, if you would like to know more about the food please feel free to drop me an email and I will give you, privately, some additional information (websites) to view.

    As always,

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=ELDogStar] I still believe even the best of them is not as good as what I use[/quote]

    Perhaps Eric. And Wendys *may* be better than Burker King. The reality however is that there can not be a (extruded, baked, “roasted”, fried or whatever) dry dog food which is comparable to fresh food.

    Please listen to Dr. Wysong’s talk about processed vs. fresh food. Here’s a very well educated vet who sells pet food telling consumers that it’s barely an acceptable method of feeding (hence his new ad campaign that we “Owe An Apology” to our pets for feeding commercial pet food). [url]http://www.wysong.net[/url] (click on the banner on top of the page)

    Bottom line is that optimal health can NOT be obtained with a diet of mainly processed food. You should be mixing some fresh food (in variety) in with EVERY meal.

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