Acute urinary crystals-cystitis-2year old cat

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    Hi. I am desperate to help my 2 year old Siamese cross female cat-Bear. She has developed urinary crystals and some small stones. This was in February. I’ve tried to give her all of the vet diets and she refuses to eat them. She will eat dry Royal canine SO because one of my older cats is on it. Also give her wet food Fancy feast mostly but trying Tiki cat or Earthborn in the last few months. The vet has her on budesomide for pain. She had me start amitryptiline-I started the pill but was unable to give it to her so ordered the liquid. She won’t tolerate it and is foaming and drooling when I give it to her.
    She had X-rays and an ultrasound. The surgeon does not recommend surgery. I’ve tried everything, even something from Native remedies, Feliway, extra litter boxes. She’s miserable and has started urinating on my furniture. She gets better after a few days on budesomide and then starts bleeding again. It has never stopped since February. I don’t think I can bring her to Weston but would like to have you help me and my vet. I can’t bear to see her like this. (I have 3 other cats-they are a mom and babies 13 years old and a dog-all adopted and saved)there was never any issues until recent. She was adopted as a kitten from a friend that fosters for FOBAC in Berlin, CT. Please let me know.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for asking. This is a huge problem that effects many cats. Fortunately there are solutions. Some of these can even stop the current symptoms and reduce recurrences.

    As you probably already know, fluid intake and fresh food feeding is key. Unfortunately, many cats nowadays are dry “junk food” junkies. Transitioning to a better diet is key. If possible do not use ANY dry food. Add fluid to her diet by adding chicken, beef (or other fresh meat) broth to her food.

    I’d also advise a few nutritional supplements that can help her get over the acute episode. Things like vitamin C, cranberry extract, mannose , etc. can be very useful to help her body heal. More details are in my FLUTD article [url=https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-library/item/381-what-causes-cystitis-or-fus-or-flutd?]in the pet care library[/url].

    In addition to helping with the present symptoms, I strongly advise starting deep-acting homeopathic care. This can help reduce her susceptibility to future problems.

    Lastly, since emotional factors are so very important in this problem, any anxieties, boredom, etc. need to be addressed and reduced. There are lots of online resources for accomplishing this.

    Good luck! Feel free to post any other questions or comments. Also, many of us (holistic vets, homeopaths, and some of my conventional colleagues) can also consult remotely by phone and Skype.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks so much for your reply! I will keep you posted on her condition. I currently have stopped giving her the Royal Canine dry and only giving her wet food. Tried going to a better pet food store and bought a raw diet but she won’t eat it.
    I will keep pursuing your advice!


    Peace and blessings. My cat has crystals very very bad. When i brought him to the vet his temp was 90 degrees and the vet said he hadn’t urinated in days. When the veterinarian cath him it was all bloody. They gave him vitamin shots and put him on a heating pad. He made it through the night. They did an X-ray the next day and he had no stones. They did an enema the next day and cleaned out his digestive track. They also tested his urine and he had blood sugar issues and crystals in his urine. When i visited him he was drinking water but didn’t want to eat. They took the catheter out the next day and he couldn’t pee on his own. They had to cath him in the morning. My question is will he ever be able to pee on his own? The vet suggested a surgery to make him a girl. i dont want to do this to him. He is only 3 years old. He was so sick can he recover?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. Many cats with this problem are about this age.

    You might benefit by reading the articles at: http://bit.ly/1utF7yk
    and https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-library/item/381-what-causes-cystitis-or-fus-or-flutd?

    Be well.

    Dr. Jeff


    My cat Bear was fine from my last post in June(above) until a few days ago. Oddly enough, I saw the post and reply on this thread from another pet owner in my emails. I was glad that Bear was doing so well, and then almost like I was jinxed, she started urinating in the bath tub and it’s bloody again today.
    I had some buprenophrine left over from June and gave her one dose this morning to help with the back and forth to her box.
    I’m stumped, she’s been completely off dry food-Canned only. Only offer her a few kibble(literally 6 or 7 pieces every few days) to crunch on and it’s the CD that was prescribed. She only eats if if nothing else available. (Used to free feed dry, so she’s always looking). She had crystal material with small stones last summer but not enough for any surgical intervention. The vet just recommends CD. She won’t eat any of those vet diets.
    She doesn’t drink and the kitty fountain I bought her only attracted my older cats. I guess I should step up her fluid intake again.
    I play with her as much as possible. She loves little crumbled pieces of paper as balls.
    I never give her many snacks, she likes PartyMix snacks but I can’t see that 3 or 4 tiny pieces every few days would do that.
    I did have some people over for a child birthday party. Did it upset her? I don’t know. She’s a Siamese mix and petite, somewhat nervous. She tries to tackle the older cats to play but they basically ignore her. My oldest cat is quite ill with thyroid disease and has been on a downward spiral lately. She lost weight (has had the thyroid disease 6 years on meds) and because of her Maine Coon mix she is vocal. Very vocal at night. Not sure if this bothers Bear? My dogs been back and forth to the vet for severe arthritis, my other cat now also has thyroid disease. It does not seem fair that they are all having issues.
    I saw her in the tub a few weeks ago but she was just sniffing. I wonder if it was starting then but symptoms are just presenting.
    I was ecstatic that she was better on just canned food and we had no issues until yesterday.
    Not sure how else to approach this.
    I ordered Vital essentials and Honest kitchen and a powdered cranberry extract/vitamin C supplement as you mention in your articles. I hope I can get her back to feeling better.

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