3 month long cat intro not going well at all

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    on May 2nd we found a stray calico female and decided to bring it home to our two other cats and a dog. The calico was perfect health wise and the vet said she was probably 2 years old and recently dumped by a family. anyway, our one cat, Merlin (male black and white), who is about 2 years as well, and our other cat, Gwen (female black and white), about a year old have not taken to the calico well at all. Merlin constantly annoys her by just looking at her and whining. However, she just backs herself into a corner and then Merlin won’t let her move. She attacks him after an hour or so and he dominates. Then the cycle just starts over. The other cat Gwen won’t even go downstairs. she just cries and meows on the stairway and tries to get us to go into the bedroom. We’ve tried everything including the slow introductions and everything. Is there something else that we can try…or will it just never work. Mind you we only have a one bedroom townhouse.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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