11 yr old cat with mass in chest and respiratory problems

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    Hello! I have an 11 yr old cat diagnosed with a mass in her chest about a year and a half ago. This was found after I brought her in for respiratory issues. She has been treated by a homeopathic vet since then but respiratory issues are worse. She has alot of reverse sneezing, thick mucus in nose, low grunting sounds from chest/throat when cleaning herself or exhaling. Any advice on what can naturally shrink this mass? She is otherwise acting happy and energetic.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for asking Rachel. By far, your best bet is to continue with homeopathic treatment.

    Personally I follow-up every week or two with my actively-treated patients with cancer.

    Make sure that you are feeding a fresh food diet and talk to your vet about use of some supportive supplements.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks so much Dr. Jeff! I’m not sure she has cancer… can they just have a chest growth that is not cancerous? In all honesty I think the homeopathic vet has sort of given up on her since he has tried numerous remedies on her over the past year and a half. Most recently he gave her 10M of Cal. Carb. I only touch base with him every 6-8weeks or so.

    She was on a few supplements that I had stopped…. Transfer Factor Plus, Glucamune (which I had been ordering from you!) and Standard Process Feline Immune Support. Do you suggest I continue giving her any of these?

    I just started giving her a colloidal mineral/vitamin supplement as well as 2 capsules of EFA daily.

    Thanks for your help/advice.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Yes, they can have an undefined chest infiltrate that looks like a cancerous mass. Has she been seen or worked up by a veterinary internist? Have any chest x-rays been taken recently to evaluate the growth (or lack thereof) of the mass? Clinical experience of a specialist and diagnostic information can often be helpful in deciding the best way possible to treat her (with homeopathy, nutrition, etc.).

    I’m so sorry to hear that the vet may have given up on her, but you definitely should not as long as her quality of life continues to be good.

    Perhaps talk to him about your feeling that she is not making progress. He may be able to review her case and find a new “entry point” for her homeopathic treatment.

    Dr. Jeff


    She had a few xrays a year and a half ago when she was diagnosed and the allopathic vets put her on steroids to try to shrink the mass. That did not work and she wasn’t doing well on the drugs. I have not brought her back for xrays since. She is on a primarily raw food diet along with vitamins/minerals/EFA’s. If it weren’t for the congestion/reverse sneezing and grunting sounds you wouldn’t know anything was wrong with her. Her appetite is great (she’s actually gained weight) and she is alert and seemingly happy.
    I did mention to the homeopathic vet that her symptoms seem worse and he tells me not all cases see improvement. Which is always a downer to hear. But your right Dr, her quality of life is still good so I can’t give up on her!

    Thanks again Dr. Jeff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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