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Effectiveness of the Hepato Support Supplement in Liver Disease

A new clinical study of dogs with elevated liver enzymes has verified the beneficial results seen in practice with Hepato Support from Rx Vitamins. Numerous studies in laboratory animals and humans have repeatedly demonstrated that the antioxidant silymarin (milk thistle) can benefit the liver. Silymarin use in liver diseases (and cancer, and diabetes mellitus, etc.) has been documented in herbal texts since the 16th century. Very few studies however, demonstrate the usefulness of milk thistle in the veterinary patient.

Silymarin has been found to possess the following attributes that are useful in veterinary medicine:

1. Antioxidant; scavenges ROS and protects against glutathione depletion
2. Inhibits hepatocyte membrane lipid peroxidation
3. Antifibrotic
4. Antiinflammatory
5. Increases hepatic protein synthesis
6. Increases rate of hepatocyte regeneration
7. Choleretic; thins the bile, stimulates contraction of gall bladder
8. Protects DNA by reducing lipoxygenase, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide radicals
9. Suppresses transcription factor (NF)-kappaB
10. Chelates iron which helps to spare glutathione with iron overload
11. Stabilizes mast cells
12. Slows calcium metabolism
13. Decreases activity of promoters of cancer growth.

Hepato Support, contains silymarin complexed with hepatotrophic nutraceuticals to facilitate normalization of liver function. The addition of these nutrients improves the efficacy of the silymarin alone by supporting the metabolic, antioxidant, and detoxification functions of the liver.

This study (and references) can be read in its’ entirety by clicking here.

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NB: It is important for my clients to understand that nutraceutical support of this type only addresses the physiologic piece of the liver diease puzzle. Hepato Support and similar supplements are wonderful for supporting the body while it heals naturally. The healing process itself is best addressed using gentle energetic homeopathic stimulation.–Dr. Jeff


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