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Dr. Jeff Feinman’s Reply To Holistic Vet Questions About Using Probiotics in a Dog

Probiotics for Diarrhea

My yellow lab is a 6 months old rescue from North Shore Animal League Long Island. I was wondering if a pro-biotic added to his food will help in controlling his occasional diarrhea. We have tried a number of foods including science diet and taste of the wild and are now transitioning him from Blue Wilderness Puppy Dry food to Wellness Simple Duck and Oatmeal.
~ Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

Congratulations on your new pup and thank you for giving him a forever home!

Yes, a good probiotic (my preferred probiotics are Rx Biotics for pets, Probio Defense from Xymogen and Culturelle, available in most health food stores) could help balance out his gastrointestinal tract flora and help normalize his stools. You may also want to have his stool checked (or rechecked) for intestinal parasites including giardia.

In addition, a diet upgrade can be very helpful. Meaty, fresh (vs. carbohydrate-laden processed) foods are important both to his short and long term health. Raw feeding (muscle meats/glands/organs/raw bones) has helped many pets with similar problems.

Now is also the perfect time to start working with a veterinary homeopath. Preventing disease before it starts is always more effective than treating it. Raise your pup holistically by following these simple guidelines.
Have fun with your new family member.

Dr. Jeff