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Dr. Jeff Feinman’s Reply To Holistic Vet Questions About Undescended Testicles (Cryptorchidism) in a Dog

Are there any homeopathic medicines (remedies) that fit specifically for an undescended testicle in a 5 month old puppy? Otherwise, dog is in great health with no problems that stand out in need of treatment.


Yes, absolutely. If your pup is from a breeder, I’d also ask about the age when testicles descended of his father and half brothers. Your pup may be “normal” for some dogs in his line. If not, the lack of the testicle dropping from the abdomen to the scrotal sac may be a manifestation of:

[GENERALS – DEVELOPMENT] – arrested: (33) Agar. aloe ant-c. bac. Bar-c. bar-m. bar-p. bar-s. borx. bufo Calc. CALC-P. Carc. cupr. des-ac. hypoth. kreos. lyc. nat-m. nep. ol-an. Phos. rad-br. rhod. Sil. sulfa. syph. thuj. thym-gl. thyr. toxo-g. tub. vip.

[GENERALS – DEVELOPMENT] – slow: (24) agar. bac. bar-c. bufo Calc. calc-f. calc-p. caust. cupr. ferr. guaj. kreos. lac-d. mag-m. med. nat-m. ph-ac. pin-s. puls. sil. succ-ac. sulph. thyr. toxo-g.

Or one of the remedies in these rubrics may correspond:

[MALE GENITALIA/SEX] CRYPTORCHISM: (23) aloe aur. aur-m. Bar-c. bar-m. bufo calc. calc-f. calc-p. caust. Con. cupr. Fl-ac. iod. lyc. pitu-gl. psor. sil. syph. test. Thyr. tub. zinc.

In addition to these 54 (when the rubrics are combined) remedies there are other rubrics that can have useful homeopathic remedies. To further complicate remedy selection however is that the needed remedy may not be in any of these rubrics.

Good luck!