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Curriculum Vitae of Jeff Feinman, VMD, CVH Integrative Veterinarian in Connecticut


  • University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK (1978 – 1979)
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Philadelphia, PA (BA, 1982)
  • University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Biology
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Philadelphia, PA (VMD, 1985)
  • Animal Natural Health Center Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy (1999)
  • Animal Natural Health Center Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy (2000)
  • Homeopathic Online Education Course in Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods
  • New England School of Homeopathy Certificate Course (2004)
  • Canadian Academy of Homeopathy Advanced Prescribing
  • Canadian Academy of Homeopathy Materia Medica Pura Project (ongoing)


  • University Scholar, Elected, 1980
  • Veterinary Medical Scientist Training Program-1980
  • Dean’s List, 1978-1981
  • Departmental honors in Molecular Biology-1982
  • Magna cum laude, 1982
  • Dean’s List, 1983-1984
  • Society of Phi Zeta (veterinary honor society)-1985
  • Certified Veterinary Homeopath (CVH)-Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy-2000
  • President of Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (2005-2007)
  • Chairman of the Education Committee of Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy-ongoing
  • President of Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Foundation-ongoing

Work Experience

  1. 1979-1981 Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Research assistant with Dr. Richard Whittaker.  Studied comparative growth and tyrosine utilization in malignant melanoma.
  2. 1979-1981 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Department of Biochemistry: Research assistant with Dr. Manjusri Das. Investigated molecular interaction of insulin and epidermal growth factor with their receptors.
  3. 1981 Animal Medical Center, New York, New York: Externship in veterinary endocrinology with Dr. Mark Peterson. Clinical research on canine Cushings and Addisons, feline hyperthyroidism, canine hypothyroidism, Diabetes mellitus and insipidus.
  4. 1982 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Department of Physiology: Research assistant with Dr. Alan Kornfield. Literature reviews of pulmonary physiology.
  5. 1983-1985 University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Medical Genetics Research assistant with Drs. Peter Jezyk and Donald Patterson. Investigated multiple metabolic and genetic diseases including the nature of a novel metabolic disorder in a kindred of Irish Setters. Other projects included studying congenital hypothyroidism in Boxer dogs.
  6. 1985-1986 Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, Boston, Massachusets: Clinical internship in small animal medicine and surgery, with special interest in endocrinology and metabolic disease.
  7. 1986-1988 Emergency Veterinary Clinic, Inc., Norwalk, Connecticut: Staff veterinarian in a referral emergencies-only practice serving all of southern Fairfield County.
  8. 1988 – Present HomeVet®, Weston, Connecticut: Chief Medical Officer of integrative veterinary practice.
  9. 2013 – 2017 On the Wings of Angels Rescue, Odessa, Florida: Holistic Medical Director
  10. 2015-Present Faculty and Chief Empowerment Officer of Holistic Actions! school

Published Work

  1. Peterson, M.E., and J.M. Feinman.  Hypercalcemia Associated with Hypoadrenocorticism in Sixteen Dogs. JAVMA, 181:802-804, 1982
  2. Bishayee, S., J.M.Feinman, M. Pittenger, H. Michael and M. Das.  Cell Surface Insertion of Exogenous Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors into Receptor (-) Mutant Cells:  Demonstration of Insertion in the Absence of Added Fusogenic Agents. PNAS, 79:1893-1897, 1982
  3. Feinman, J.M. The Rex Cat:  A Mutation for the Masses. VM/SAC, November, 1983
  4. Feinman, J.M. Pharyngeal Mucocele and Respiratory Distress in a Cat. JAVMA, 197:1179-1180, 1990
  5. Feinman, J.M. Life-Changing For Humans And Animals. JNCH October 2003
  6. Feinman, J.M Does The Size Of The Dose Really Matter? hpathy.com 12/17/07
  7. Feinman, J.M. Treatment of Primary Polycythemia in a Cat with Hydroxyurea and Propranolol (in preparation).
  8. Jezyk, P.F. and J.M. Feinman. Athyreotic Cretinism in a Group of Eight Boxer Dogs (in preparation).
  9. Feinman, J.M., M.E. Peterson, and P.F. Jezyk.  Congenital Hypothyroidism in a Cat due to a Deficiency of Thyroid Peroxidase (in preparation)
  10. The Vitality and Balance System JAHVMA 2019
  11. The Significance of Symptoms, mTOR JAHVMA 2019
  12. Vital Capacity, Pranayama for Pets and the Exposotype in press
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