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become a new client

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Please follow these three easy steps. They will help insure that Dr. Jeff Feinman’s practice is right for you and help optimize communication:

1) I believe that it is very important for all pet guardians to carefully select the veterinarians who will help care for their pets. Please take the time to read these short articles which will introduce you to my practice:

  • Introduction to Dr. Jeff’s Practice.
  • Services offered by Dr. Jeff.
  • What do clients say about Dr. Jeff’s care of their pets.
  • Common vs. normal conditions (early signs of internal imbalance).
  • How to raise a pet holistically.
  • Is my pet being palliated, suppressed, or moving towards cure?
  • Homeopathy FAQ and general information.

2) Please then fill out and submit the online new patient questionnaire form or download and complete the offline version of the form, then fax or mail the signed treatment authorization forms

3) Once you have submitted your information, please call 203-222-7979 to confirm receipt. You and Dr. Jeff will then briefly discuss treatment options.

I look forward to meeting you soon and starting along the path to optimal health through homeopathy.