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Attain Optimal Health with a Fresh Food Diet

Optimal health – health that gives one the greatest chance for a long, active, vital life – is much more than simply the absence of disease. It means being the very best you can be. It means not being incapacitated or wasting away physically, physiologically, emotionally or mentally.

We do not “live longer today” as popularly believed and promoted by medical interests; only average life span has increased, and this is due to decreased infant mortality which is, in turn, due to improved food distribution and hygiene – not medical measures. Actual longevity, the potential to live in a healthy state to a ripe old age, is decreasing.


Modern medical measures extend the amount of time we can live in an incapacitated state in a hospital bed or nursing home. Medical care is actually disease care, crisis care, medical care after the fact. It does essentially nothing to improve the health capacity and fulfill potential to resist disease and avoid degenerative conditions.


For the majority in today’s modern setting, full health and youthful vitality begin to ebb shortly after adulthood. A variety of degenerative conditions, masked by the resiliency of youth, begin to surface and take their toll in the form of lost energy, weakness, susceptibility to infections, inability to maintain proper body weight, loss of stamina, decreased digestive capabilities, failing libido and fertility, and accelerated aging of the skin, organ systems, joints and brain.  


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