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feline surgery - PU

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I have questions on post-operative complications. My cat underwent a perineal urethostomy (PU) last year and we have had trouble with spraying, leaking. Is this normal? Can this be prevented? Any advice from other cat owners on these items would be helpful.


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[quote=Lois Hengenius]we have had trouble with spraying, leaking. Is this normal? Can this be prevented?[/quote]

Hi Lois-

No. Urine spraying and incontinence is not normal after PU surgery. Since this is 1 year post-op, I would not consider these to be directly related to the surgery.

Rather, the way I think about it is like this. The underlying imbalance which caused the urinary symptoms in the first place was never dealt with. Treat the underlying problem (with homeopahy and appropriate diet) and the symptoms will improve and hopefully resolve totally.

By treating the problem at its' core, you will not only be helping today's symptoms, but you will also be preventing future health issues.

Good luck. Please keep us posted.


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