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URGENT: TWO DOGS, brother and sister, Sparta, NJ -WHOSE DEVOTED OWNER HAS Died

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Subj: Bonnie and Clyde, medium size boxers or pitbulls? mixed brown and white

Hi I'm Joe. I am in desperate need of your help.. Three years ago I accompanied my friend to an animal shelter in Manhattan. My friend had wanted to adopt one dog and he saw another one that he wanted and took two. We found out that they are actually brother and sister. Anyway, my friend had a major stroke and passed away due to complications. He was 66 years old. I do not want his dogs to be put down as they are two of the sweetest most loving dogs that I have ever known. Unfortunately I live in a place with no dogs allowed right now. I cannot let these two dogs be euthanized. Both dogs just want to lay down and cuddle with someone. They are sweet, quiet, loving, and always want to give kisses. I am willing to pay a very generous fee for their safe rescue, foster, or adoption. Can you please help me. I dont know what else to do and I feel like I'm letting my friend down. I can't let these dogs be put down. Please help! I am more than willing to pay any food costs, bedding, cages, etc...

They are about 3 maybe 4 years old. As far as vaccinations I think that they are still good but I will check on it. My friend took really great care of these dogs. In fact they were on a raw diet and he never put any poisons or toxins into them. He was always smart about that type of stuff he gave them. I will def check on that though. I remember he did a lot of research on that stuff when he got them and found out that things like the rabies vaccine is really detrimental to the dogs health and a bunch of other things like the stuff used in frontline is actually poison. He learned all this after his first dog died of cancer. Anyways I'll try to find out when they had their vaccines and such. Thank you again for all of your help!!


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