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cystitis/struvite crystals

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I have been treating my cat that was diagnosed with cystitis/struvite crystals with cranberry extract, vitamin C, and muti-vitamins. Also feeding Wellness brand cat food. No dry kibble when I am home. The problem still remains what can I leave for a 1-2 day period for all 3 cats to eat when I cannot be home? The vet prescribed Restricted Calorie dry to feed them all the time to correct his cystitis. I have not been doing this as I believe dry food is a contributing factor to his illness and I only feed them this because I have to leave something for them to eat if I will not be home for 2 days. However, I am finding out that he seems to be worse (blood in the urine, straining and many visits to the litterbox) when I return after 2 days of just eating dry. On the other hand, his condition seems to improve when I am at home feeding him Wellness canned and mixing in cranberry, vit. C and vitamins and no dry at all. I am looking for suggestions as to what food I can leave out that all 3 cats can eat. I looked at an auto-feeder that keeps canned foods fresh but with 3 cats i can't be sure that all of them will get to eat. Also I am trying to find a homeopath vet in my area and have not had any luck. Cleveland, OH or even Youngstown, Warren, Ashtabula County areas. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. He is not in pain outside of the litterbox and he is very active, looks healthy, etc. He has a normal appetite, drinks plenty of water. I am up everytime he's in the box so I know exactly what's going on with him and I feel bad that he has to be uncomfortable at all. There has to be something more I can do.

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[quote=sharon] what can I leave for a 1-2 day period for all 3 cats to eat when I cannot be home?

Also I am trying to find a homeopath vet in my area

There has to be something more I can do.[/quote]

There definitely is more that you can do. Look at the AVH referral site for a referral. You will notice that some of us (especially those of us who specialize in homeopathy) will do phone consultations because finding a local practitioner is often impossible).

In the meantime keep up the wet food and even add extra water or chicken broth to it to promote a dilute urine (and minimize irritation of the bladder by any urinary crystals).

Try using Wysong Archetype freeze-dried meats (or any similar product) when you are away.

Let us know how the Archetype works for you and whther you have been able to find a homeopath.

BTW-These are the OH names that came up in my search:

James Brenneman , DVM
Elmview Veterinary Clinic
3750 Shawnee Road
Lima , OH 45806
Phone: 419-991-0755
Fax: 419-991-5040
Species Preferences : SA, Avian, Exotic
Percent Homeopathic Cases : under 25%
Phone Consultations Accepted
Scott Hosket , DVM
Hosket Veterinary Service
PO BOX 473
Yellow Springs , OH 45387
Phone: 937-767-7422
Fax: 937-767-1701
Species Preferences : SA, LA, EX
Percent Homeopathic Cases : 25-50%
Phone Consultations Accepted

Joletta Sberna , DVM
Holistic Animal Health
50 Bracken Pl.
Fairfield , OH 45014
Phone: 513-829-3244
Fax: 513-829-0592
Species Preferences : SA
Percent Homeopathic Cases : 50-75%
Phone Consultations Accepted

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Dr. Jeff: In your reply you mention Wysong Archetype freeze-dried meats. When i searched for this it came up under canine diet. Can it be fed to both feline and canine. When I search specifically for Wysong feline, Wysong Uretic came up as the dry diet (see below). WhenI cannot be home, I'd like to leave out freeze dried not any type of kibble and I would like to order the freeze dried food this week to leave out for my cats when i'm not home and I also want to make sure I buy the right food.
Thanks, Sharon

Wysong Uretic™ Feline Diet
is formulated for cats prone to urolithiasis, but also works great as a maintenance diet. This food contains no excess minerals and helps maintain an acidic urine.

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When I do a search for Wysong Archetype food, it comes up with archetype under canine. when i searched using "Wysong Archetype feline" it comes up "Wysong Uretic" but no Archetype under feline. Is archetype for both feline and canine? I just want to make sure I order the correct food. I definitely want to eliminate dry food altogether from their diet. I have been home for 3 days and feeding wet food only and his condition is better once again. Regarding Archetype food i read that when mixed with water it becomes stew-like. Can this be left out "as is" w/o water mixed in? And also, can cranberry extract make the urine pink/red?

Also, thanks for searching for a homeopath for me. The cities in Ohio that came up in your search are 3-4 hours away unfortunately. I think I will probably have to do a phone consult. Doyou have a recommendation because if i do it by phone the location does not have to be close at all, i'd just like to use the best homeopath for Orangey's condition (FLUTD), and I want to start doing more for him because he's not well yet and today again there's blood in his urine.

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[quote=sharon]Is archetype for both feline and canine?

Can this be left out "as is" w/o water mixed in?

And also, can cranberry extract make the urine pink/red?

Doyou have a recommendation because if i do it by phone the location does not have to be close at all.[/quote]

Yes, it is for dogs and cats. should take you to the Archetype prescription page. They have both a general urinary health Archetype as well as one just for struvite crystals.

It can be left out dry.

I have never seen cranberry extract cause pink urine. This is most likely just a recurrence of slightly bloody urine.

Any Certified Veterinary Homeopath (or other homeopathy specialist) should be able to help. Check the listings for "certifieds".


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