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GABA for dogs?

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My Shih-Tzu recently underwent surgery for a perianal hernia. The surgeon gave him a pain reliever patch because he'd had a bad reaction to Rimadyl a few years ago. That wasn't quite enough, so today the doc prescribed another pain pill to be given orally.

My dog is still at time uncomfortable. He hyperventilates and moans. I'm wondering if GABA would help him and, if so, what the proper dosage would be?



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[quote=BillB]I'm wondering if GABA would help him [/quote]

No, it probably will not. Pick up Rescue Remedy in your local health food store and give ~3 drops orally as often as needed. Please contact your vet in the am if pain persists.

Dr. Jeff

BTW-GABA other supplements and vitamins ARE NOT homeopathic remedies (please read for clarification).


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