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Using Apple Cider Vinegar for flea Prevention

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I have read that using apple Cider vinegar in my dogs water will help with flea prevention. i also read that you can purchse tablets. If I decide to use this method what dosge of tablets should I use and how much per day?


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[quote=Theresa] If I decide to use this method what dosge of tablets should I use and how much per day?

Hopefully someone else can comment because I have no experience with ACV for flea prevention. My clients use (and most of them love) the Vetline nutritional yeast and liver (and garlic and kelp) supplement for flea prevention.

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You will have to get the real stuff not the kind you buy at the super market because it has add ingredients. ACV as far as I know doesn't help with fleas but it does help with skin problems and some health problems as well. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it for humans and animals. It helps with digestive tract problem, ring worm, itchy skin, arthritis, ear infections these are just a few things that ACV can help. Some chicken famers give it to their chickens to help with tenderness of the meat.

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I can recommend Norwegian Kelp Vegetarian Blend with Garlic to help in building the dogs immune system and makes healthy skin and coat. The Garlic helps for fleas.

See their web site for more info. Vegetarian Blend with Garlic


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