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Immu GO-immune gland and organ extract #90
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Immu GO-immune gland and organ extract #90

Price per Unit (piece): $15.75

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Immune stimulatory glands and organs for dogs, cats and ferrets. They are a vital part of a natural carnivore diet.

Pet's Friends glandular concentrates are from New Zealand range-grazed animals. No fertilizer, hormones, antibiotics or feed supplements are used. We use no solvents.

One Immu G.O. wafer contains: Spleen* .............. 125 mg Bone Marrow*....100 mg Thymus* .............. 90 mg In a base of liver* and bone meal.

* Whole raw bovine tissues are low-temperature processed to preserve naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, nucleotides, lipoproteins & all other cell components.


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