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Vetline Vitamin nutritional yeast, garlic, liver and kelp
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Vetline Vitamin nutritional yeast, garlic, liver and kelp

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Nutritional Yeast, Garlic & Liver Powder to help Prevent Fleas (and Ticks, and...)

When fed regularly to your companion pet, this supplement not only provides added nutrients but also causes your pet to smell and taste unpleasant to insects, thus repelling fleas from coming into contact with them. You will not smell the difference but the bugs will.

Primary grown nutritional yeast is an excellent source of B complex vitamins as well as amino acids and minerals. VETLINE's kelp also adds vital trace minerals which are necessary for your pet's well being. This product contains absolutley no perservatives, artificial colors, salt, or sugar. VETLINE's scrumptious liver and garlic flavor appeals to both cats and dogs.

Not recommended for pets with diabetes. Do not mix with milk, as certain elements in food may void some antiparasitic activity (including excess salt and nitrates).

Recommended Daily Dosage: Cat or toy dog up to 12 lbs 1 teaspoon

Small dog 13 to 24 lbs 2 teaspoons

Medium dog 25 to 54 lbs 1 Tablespoon

Large dog over 54 lbs 2 Tablespoons

When this suppliment is added to moist food it creats an enticing aroma.

Ingredients: Promary grown nutritional yeast, liver, bone meal, vitamins A & D, garlic, and kelp.

Please do not use harmful chemical shampoos, dips, sprays, collars, or powders on your pet. Keep closed and store in a cool, dry place.


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