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Our articles "For Healthy Pets" cover every aspect of pet ownership so you can find information on: cat and dog diet • training your pet • dog and cat vaccinations • maintaining pet health • skin and ear care • complementary therapies

Our articles "For Sick Pets" includes practical and accessible information on:
allergic reactions & allergies • metabolic diseases • pet arthritis • pet cancers• end of life care for pets and more.

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For Healthy Pets

For Healthy Pets (138)

Over 150 articles on companion animal health written by authorities including Dr Jeff Feinman, a qualified vet and leading veterinary homeopath.

In these entertaining and informative pet health articles, Dr Jeff and guest writers cover important pet health areas including:
Diet discussion • New pets and training • Vaccination decisions • Health Maintenance • Skin & Ear Care • Complementary Therapies plus some inspiring Pet Prose.

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For Sick Pets

For Sick Pets (83)

Over 75 articles on why your pet might be sick, written by qualified vet and leading veterinarians including homeopath Dr Jeff Feinman.

In these accessible and authoritative articles on pet illness, Dr. Jeff and guest writers cover important issues including:
Pet Allergies & Auto-Immune Diseases • Pet Cancer & End of Life Care • Cat & Dog Metabolic & Heart Diseases • Pet Arthritis & Bone Diseases • Animal Gastrointestinal Diseases • Pets Infectious Diseases • Brain and Nerve Diseases

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Pancreatitis, an inflammatory condition of the exocrine pancreas, occurs frequently in both dogs and cats. While the true prevalence of pancreatitis in dogs and cats is unknown, recent studies would suggest that pancreatitis is a rather common and underdiagnosed condition in both dogs and cats.

Most people have heard of collagen as an anti-aging cosmetic product.  Collagen is the elastic protein that holds skin together.  As we age, the amount and quality of collagen in our bodies starts to diminish and we can see this in our skin as it begins to wrinkle and sag.
I was thrilled to be the guest on the wonderful Health Inn show sponsored by the Homeopathy World Community. Debby Bruck (follow her on Twitter @DebbyBruck) was a fantastic interviewer.

We talked about how to holistically and homeopathically care for the internal health of pets. By doing so we can both prevent and treat dis-ease. Check it out:



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